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IMP is the world’s largest continuity publisher providing educational, creative and inspiring ideas in popular areas like home PC, craft, wildlife, space, and music. Products range from DVD/Book, CD Rom and card series.

2 million Australians have enjoyed collecting our card and book offers in the last 8 years. They are recruited with a great introductory offer via direct response media such as inserts, direct mail, and Internet. Each series is sold on a continuous system so all customers are proven mail order multi buyers.

IMP Products Include:
Great Australian Home Baking- Card Collection on traditional baking
Good for You- Card Collection on health & cooking
PC 123 ABC- CD Rom & Card Collections on PC tutorial
Weapons of War- DVD book collection
The Classic Composers- CD Book Music Series
Natural Killers- DVD Book Collection on wildlife
Ancient Civilisations- DVD Book Collection on Ancient history

Customer Profile
Approximately 65% of IMP customers are female, ages 45+ with an interest in health,cooking,music & craft. Approximately 65% have children or grandchildren.

IMP Buyers File
IMP Buyers are proven mail order buyers who are no longer actively collecting their chosen product but have paid for their introductory parcel and beyond.

IMP Responders File
IMP Responders are customers who responded to our campaign offers but did not go on to collect the product.

Quantity 220,596
Selections Gender
Product Purchased
Deliverability 95%
Lead Time 5 working days
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