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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the difference between renting (single use), renting (multi use) and purchasing (unlimited use)?
Rental single use is one time use only. Rental Multi-use means you can use the list as many times as you like within the 12 month multi use period. Purchasing means you may use the list as many times as you like and for any period of time you require. The cost of purchasing is usually higher than rental, and when a list is purchased it is your responsibility to update the list to ensure it remains accurate.

What is a single use rental?
A list which has been rented as a single use rental may be used only one time only and must be used on or before an agreed date.

What is a 12 month rental?
A list which has been rented as a Multi-use 12 month rental may be used (by your company / organisation for marketing purposes) as many times as you wish over the 12 month term of the rental agreement.

What is a list purchase?
A list which has been purchased as a Multi-use 12 month rental may be used (by your company / organisation for marketing purposes) as many times as you wish within the terms of the purchase agreement.

How can you find out if we use the rented data more than once or in an unauthorised fashion?
All lists are delivered to you are seeded with uniquely identifiable “dummy” names / records which find their way back to us. If we receive the “dummy” names more than once from a rental then a copy has been taken and the agreement for once off rental broken. If this is the case, you will be charged for the breach of the List Rental Agreement. This additional cost could be up to eight times the original list rental cost.

Why do I have to pay a set-up fee every time I rent a list?
The set-up fee is the charged by the list owner to cover the cost of the selection, production and delivery of each list. A set-up fee is charged for each list rented.

Can you supply me tailored list recommendations?
Yes, your account manager can supply you a tailored list recommendation as well as identifying (through regression modelling) similar prospects that are most likely to buy or engage with your business.

 Is there a minimum order?
All list owners impose a minimum order for list rentals and purchases. This is to ensure that list orders are economically viable. Usually the minimum will be a minimum number of records (e.g. 5000 records) but some time it will be a dollar value (e.g. $1000 ex GST).

Who owns the lists and where do they come from?
The List Group does not own any lists. We work directly with companies across Australia, New Zealand and around the world which own and build marketing lists. The lists come from a variety of sources such as magazine or online subscriptions, Mail order buyers, online surveys etc to name just a few further details on the list sources are out lined on the data cards on the “Our Lists” tab.

What is the difference between non-personalised & personalised?
Personalised lists contain a contact name at the residential or business address. A non-personalised list does not.

Why do I need to supply a copy of the mail piece or a phone script?
List owners generally require a copy of your mail piece, email creative, telephone script or fax document in order to approve (or deny) use of their list for your campaign and so that they are able to monitor when your campaign occurs.

What is the deliverability guarantee?
The deliverability guarantee is the list owner’s accuracy warranty for their database when used within a 30 day period from the date provided. A deliverability guarantee is available for every list that we provide. Typically they vary between 95% and 99%.

What should I do with returned mail?
Following any mailing campaign (even with the most accurate of mailing list) you can expect to receive some returned mail. Your account manager can provide you with the address and details to send your returned mail to. By doing so you contribute toward the maintenance and improvement of the lists that you are using and if the deliverability guarantee was not met a credit or refund can be processed.

How is the list sent to me, and in what format?
The list is usually delivered as an MS EXCEL or COMMA DELIMTED TEXT file by secure FTP site or secure file sharing software. An email is sent to you with links to our secure FTP site and we will contact you separately five text email or telephone to deliver the password for you to download the files.

Can the list be sent to me directly?
Please check with your account manager as some list owners only allow their data to be used for mailings when processed by an approved mailing house. The majority of Business List Owners will allow users to receive data directly.