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The file, previously known as The Bradford Exchange and The Ashton Drake Galleries master files have now been combined and deduped and are now under the banner of The Bradford Group.

The Bradford Group sell limited edition collectable plates and doss direct to the public via direct response. Their range of products are beautifully designed and crafted and are in very high demand.

The Bradford Group advertise extensively within the print media which includes women’s magazines, sporting magazines and TV supllements and have a very high response rate. The majority of their customers are repeat buyers and all are mail order responsive.

The average cost of the products range between $40 and $200. The file is updated every six months with their most recent purchasers. The records are 65% female and 80% of the file have titles. All records are at home address.

Quantity 13382 (Aus) 5198 (NZ)
Selections State
Deliverability 95%
Lead Time 5 working days
Notes Hirers are required to include record number identifier on the mailing piece as first line of address in reduce font. This will facilitate dead mail updating by the list owner.
Terms & Conditions List rental costs cover one time usage only. All data is seeded with dummy names to detect unauthorized use and copying in any form is prohibited. Two sample mailing packages will be required for approval by owner.

We require a signed copy of our list rental agreement and order form prior to any order being processed.

Payment is required on delivery of data unless arranged otherwise. 10% GST applies to all Australian Companies.