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A collection of readers that are focused and interested in the raising and well-being of their children, especially babies. Readers subscribe to; Pregnancy & Birth and Mother & Baby.

Pregnancy & Birth (Current = 270 readers and Lapsed 0-12 – 584 readers);
Pregnancy & Birth is Australia’s only bi-monthly pregnancy magazine. It understands the viewpoint of pregnant women and reassures women that they can meet the demands of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Women who read the magazine know that the information they receive is completely accurate and up to date. The magazine employs a panel of experts including an obstetrician who is also the head of Reproductive Medicine at Sydney university, a paediatrician who consults to several Sydney hospitals, a number of midwaves and a parentcraft nurse.

The typical reader starts to read Pregnancy & Birth during the first trimester of her first pregnancy. Although the average age for an Australian woman giving birth to her first child is 30, a wide range of people find themselves in this target market. What they have in common is a sense of excitement and bewilderment.

Mother & Baby (current = 3638 readers and Lapsed 0-12 months = 3194 readers);
Mother & Baby has a simple philosophy; inform, invove and reassure. It helps readers face the challenges of motherhood. It’s packed with real life stories that never scare but instead they inspire and encourage.

The reader is either (no surprises) pregnant or new mothers. These women have one thing in common: they want information, but most of all, they want reassurance. And they want to be involved in a wider community of mothers. This is where Mother & Baby comes in.

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