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This collection of consumer magazine subscribers is made up of the following magazines; Australasian Dirt Bike, Australian Mountain Bike, Outdoor Australia, and Tracks. What all of these readers have in common is; they are passionate about their sport. Typically they are the active, outdoors types that crave adventure.

Australasian Dirt Bike (Current = 4886 readers and Lapsed 0-12 months = 2936 readers);
This magazine is designed for the serious dirt bike enthusiast. It gives readers technical tips, riding tips, adventure ride reports, product reports, environmental issues all delivered in a humorous language coupled with some of the country’s best sports photography.

The average reader is predominantly male, 24 to 34 years old, working in a trade, and is constantly over-enthused about the technical and new information he knows he’ll find in each issue of the magazine. He’s likely to have a dirt bike obsessed pre-teen kid who also owns his own bike and rides with dad three times a week.

Australian Mountain Bike (Current = 1540 readers and Lapsed 0-12 months = 779 readers);
This magazine is all about communicating to all levels of riders. Its focus is on inspiring, educating and entertaining the reader.

Readers are passionate about their sport. They’re technically minded, Net-savy and keen to get their hands on the latest gizmo’s and gadgets. Readers and split between two primary markets – the first are most likely to be male, 25 to 34 years of age, working full time and earning $40,000+. The second are students at university, again most likely to be male, and are active across all levels of sport.

Outdoor Australia (Current = 1259 readers and Lapsed 0-12 months = 589 readers);
Outdoor Australia is the premium magazine that covers outdoor and adventure activities. A bimonthly magazine, it includes articles on bush-walking, trekking, camping, sea kayaking, rock climbing and lots of useful product and location information.

Reader surveys indicate that Outdoor readers are highly educated, well paid and active. 51% hold management positions, 50% completed tertiary education and 18% earn 70,000+. They are demographically diverse, ranging from 25 to 55 years old while 40% are single and 41% are married. They aren’t afraid to spend money on equipping themselves properly, learning more about an activity or undertaking an organised tour or instruction course.

Tracks (Current = 2345 readers and Lapsed 0-12 months = 1353 readers);
Tracks is a hardcore surfing magazine. Its loyal following has played an integral part in the development of surfing in Australia and continues to do so.

Tracks readers are 94% male and the average age is 20 years old. Half of the readers are in full time employment, while 28% are still at school or university.

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