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Doubleday Australia Pty Limited is a privately owned organisation that’s been established since 1963. It operates the largest general interest book club in Australia as well as eight specialised book clubs. Seven of these clubs are also established in New Zealand.

Members of the Doubleday Book club are recruited with a special introductory offer via direct response media such as interests in magazines and newspapers, direct mail, cross promotional activity, member-get-member programs and telemarketing. Members are mailed month and have a commitment to purchase a minimum of items in a give period of time, therefore all are proven multi mail buyers.

Club Types;

Doubleday Book Club;
Carries the latest mass market bestseller fiction as well as a broad range of non-fiction categories including cookery, gardening, craft, mind body & spirit, children’s books and more.

The average member is; female (67%), aged 25-64 years old, married/de facto (65%) with no children (55%) living at home. They are employed full time (29%), part time (24%), not in paid employment (22%), retired (18%) in a variety of occupations primarily homemaker (24%), education, health service professionals, clerical/secretarial.

Children’s Book Club;
Is a fun, bright and educational club that offers children’s book to the pre-school aged market. Picture books, early learning, stories, rhymes and board/pop-up books for under 4 years are the most popular categories. Members of this club (mainly being mothers) also tend to buy fiction and non fiction titles for themselves including cookery, gardening and craft.

Typical member is female, aged 25-44, married/de facto with one or two children living at home under the age of 18 years. Approximately 35% are not in paid employment, employed part time (33%), employed full time (20%) and 60% have Internet access at home.

Inspirations Club;
Offers a broad range of lifestyle based product for anyone with an interest in creative craft and hobbies. Cross stitch is the most popular category followed by quilting, patchwork, appliqué and embroidery, needlepoint, cooking, gardening, DIY, woodwork and home decorating.

Most members are female (90%), aged between 25-64 years. Homemaker is the most common occupation. 53% have Internet access at home.

The Quest Fantasy & Sci Fiction Book Club;
Fantasy fiction is the most popular offering of this club such as; Star Wars and Star Trek.

A club member typically is; female (59%) and male (41%), aged 18-44 years, a significant proportion have completed tertiary education and 59% have Internet access at home.

Mind Body & Spirit Club;
It covers every aspect of divination, magic, past lives, health, diet and fitness. The most popular category is divination including astrology, crystals, tarot, Feng Shui and holistic health with massage and aromatherapy.

Typically the club is female (91%), aged 18-44 years, married/de facto (42%), single (35%) with no children living at home (49%) or one or two children living at home (33%).

History & Military Club;
The most popular history categories purchased are ancient history, Egypt, archaeology, reference, cookery, myths, philosophy and religion. Popular military categories include general military history, WW2, modern warfare, historical warfare, WW1, aviation and Vietnam/Korea.

A member of this club is male (65%), female (35%) aged 25-64 years. They are married/de facto (50) and single (30%). Employed full time (44%), retired (305) in professional/managerial occupations. 34% have completed a university degree and 50% have Internet access at home.

Mango Club;
It offers young women escape from everyday life with contemporary frothy fiction, romances, crime/thriller/mystery as well as cookery and lifestyle guides include mind, body & spirit (magic, dreams, Feng Shui, self help, exercise and diet).

Readers are female aged 18-34, single (54%), married/de facto (37%) with no children living at home. Employed full time (44%), part time (22%), not in paid employment (16%), students (15%).

In Print;
Offers a selection of thought provoking non-fiction and fiction product for people who not only love to read, but also wish to be well informed about the world and want to be challenged. Fiction titles include historical, classic and prize winning novels, popular non fiction categories include cooker, autobiographies, biographies, ancient history, science, the arts and philosophy.

Readers are typically 57% female and 43% male and aged 25-54 years old. They are married/de facto with no children at home. They are primarily tertiary educated and 38% have university degrees. 40% are full time employed, 20% are part time and 18% retired. 58% have Internet access at home.

Books for Blokes;
A club offering a range of non fiction and fiction for men. Popular non fiction include history, gardening, cooking, DIY, reference, sport (fishing), computing.

Readers are males (68%), females (32%) aged 25-64 years. Married/de facto (52%) or single (24%) with no children at home. They are employed full time (46%), retired (18%), part time employed (14%) in professional/managerial occupations.

Quantity 200000 (AUS) 65000 (NZ)
Selections State
Dollars Spend
Payment Type
Member Types
Last Date Purchased
Club Types
Minimum Order 5,000
Deliverability 95%
Lead Time 5 days
Notes Extra Selection Costs;

Member Types;
Active members = $295.00 per 1000 records
Good, Paid, Cancelled = $225.00 per 1000 records

Dollars spent, Payment type, Recency, Club Type = $30.00 per 1000 records

Appending DPID’s = $5.00 per 1000 records

Additional Promotional Opportunities;
Insertion into monthly mailings = $150.00 per 1000 records
Insertion into monthly product despatches = $150 per 1000 records
Product sampling distribution into monthly product despatches = POA
Co-marketing opportunities on the internet site = POA

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