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The REACH DM Database has over 350,000 Australian companies personalised to more than 400,000 Senior Decision Makers. Consisting of Principal Decision Makers (CEO’s, Owners etc), as well as Executive Decision Makers, including Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, IT & Sales. REACH DM provides comprehensive coverage of the Australian Business environment.

REACH DM has comprehensive coverage of the Australian business spectrum, diverse segmentation options, data integrity, industry accuracym precise targeting ability and high delivery guarantee.

With REACH DM you can target by:

. Number of Employees, allow you to select by company size, be it large or small.
. Industry Code – ANZSIC Codes (down to four digits)
. Over 2600 Industry Classiifcations
. Geographical location including State, Metro/Rural, Suburb and Postcode
. Personalised, Non Personalised Data
. Mail, Telemarketing & Fax Data or any combination of these
. Decision Maker Type and Title

Keeping a business database list REACH DM up to date and accurate is no easy task. It requires skilled, professional Tele-Researchers who are committed to ensuring that REACH DM sets the industry standard. Crucial to the REACH DM quality assurance process is a purpose built Call Centre located in Melbourne. Its twenty two seat capacity is the resource that ensure REACH DM is at the cutting edge of quality and accuracy. All data gathered adheres to relevant Australian Privacy Legislation.

The details of a Principal Decision Maker are gathered for every company. A Principal Decision Maker is the senior contact at each business location. Job titles for a Principal Decision Maker include Managing Director, Owner, CEO, Partner as well as many others. Additionally, the details of other key executives are also gathered. REACH DM classifies these as Executive Decision Makers. They are the people who say “yes” or “no” and they are in the placed your want your message to be.

When gathering the details for each Executive Decision Maker category the company is asked who responsible for making the decisions for each of the categories. Using the Marketing category as an example, in a large company the Executive Decision Maker may be a Marketing Manager or Marketing Director. For a smaller company a General Manager or even a Managing Director might be nominated as the Executive Decision Maker for the Marketing category.

REACH DM offers consistent data format structures, systematic data updating, has daily updates of undeliverable mail, has address formatting to Australia Post guidelines and is privacy compliant.

Quantity 491,579
Minimum Order 2,000
Deliverability 98%
Lead Time 3 working days
Terms & Conditions List rental costs cover one time usage only. All data is seeded with dummy names to detect unauthorized use and copying in any form is prohibited. Two sample mailing packages will be required for approval by owner.

We require a signed copy of our list rental agreement and order form prior to any order being processed.

Payment is required on delivery of data unless arranged otherwise. 10% GST applies to all Australian Companies.