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Take advantage of the opportunity to reach prime Rodale Books customers interested in health and nutrition, alternative and natural healing.

Rodale books show people how they can use the power of their body and mind to look and feel their best. Every page offers practical ideas to help readers have a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Dispatches are 60% female, 35% male, and 5% unknown gender. Most buyers are aged 40+.

In addition there are two niche programs:
“Men’s Health” books; mostly to males – and some females – aged 28-45.
Gardening and organic living books; skewed towards 50+.

90% of names are gathered via direct mail. Rodale mails regularly and updates the database daily.

Selections Age 28 -45
Age 50+
Notes Heavier or larger pieces subject to quotation.
All orders are subject to approval and must be accompanied by a full sample.
Terms & Conditions List rental costs cover one time usage only. All data is seeded with dummy names to detect unauthorized use and copying in any form is prohibited. Two sample mailing packages will be required for approval by owner.

We require a signed copy of our list rental agreement and order form prior to any order being processed.

Payment is required on delivery of data unless arranged otherwise. 10% GST applies to all Australian Companies.