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This List has been sourced from across the entire range of Reed Business subscriber data database. It consists of readers to all of the trade magazines and directories published by Reed.

Typically senior managers and key decision makers read the magazines. All records are personalised of which 85%, on average are titled.

Magazine groups are made up of the following magazines;

Architects Database
This list or architects, designers and drafts people is sourced from across the Reed Business Information Subscriber Database. It reaches architects, builders, building designers, project managers, project developers, construction companies, building consultants and drafts people across relevant industries.

Building & Construction Database
This list consists of key personnel responsible for buying and specifying products for construction and building companies, manufacturing, suppliers and distribution, it consists of subscribers to the following databases: building Products News Construction, Contractor and Tenders. Of the 37566 records available there are 18707 records that are personalised.

Building Product News (BPN) is read by architects, builders, project managers, building consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, consulting and civil engineers as well as people who purchase building products, materials or equipment.

Construction Contractor is a journal offering comprehensive news covering civil and structural works. The magazine is read by contactors in earthmoving, construction and civil engineering, government employees, commercial builders, project developers, consulting engineers, plant and equipment suppliers, marketers and distributors of equipment and services to the industry.

Tender is a comprehensive listing of tenders invited and accepted in Australia. It also covers relevant industry news stories and has industry specific spotlights. Reader of the magazine include construction and building companies, manufacturers, industrial concerns, office equipment suppliers, plant and equipment suppliers and other companies seeking tenders and sub-contract work throughout Australia.

Commercial Property
Commercial Property Gazette is Australia’s most comprehensive weekly source of news, opinion and analysis for the commercial property industry. The aim of the magazine is to provide commercial property agents, developers, syndicates tenants and investors in Australia providing targeted information, news, opinion and analysis.

This list consists of subscribers to Commercial Property Gazette Magazine; these are high profile business people working in the commercial property industry. A unique list of high-income earners with established roles within this industry.

Economist.com is the premier online service for the analysis of world business and current affairs. It provides authoritative insight into and opinion on international news, world politics, business, finance, science and technology, as well as overviews of cultural trends and regular industry, business and country surveys.

Engineering Database
This list consists of subscribers to the following magazines titles. Australian Mining, Australian Electronics Engineering, Broadcast Engineering, News Construction Contractor. It is read by senior management, supervisors and technical staff at coal and mineral mining companies around Australia, both on-site and at head office & involved with work ranging from exploration to processing.

Australian Mining is a leading publication providing the mining and minerals industry in Australia with relevant information on exploration, extraction, minerals processing, mining technology and mine management. It is read by senior management, supervisors and technical staff at coal and mineral mining companies around Australia, both on-site and at head office & involved with work ranging from exploration to processing.

Australian Electronics Engineering covers technological trends, new products and policy changes affecting the electronics industry. Its recognized profile as a voice for the industry is continually reinforced through articles by respected industry personnel, engineers and market analysts. The magazine is read by engineers, technical managers, technical officers and people in top management. They work in many different industries including electronic equipment and components, telecommunications, research and defense.

Broadcast Engineering News provides accurate and independent news and product information for the technical side of operations in the professional broadcast, video and audio industries.

Construction contractor is a news magazine for the construction industry with articles relating to civil engineering, earthmoving, public works and commercial and industrial building; it is backed by features on industry issues written by experts in the field. The magazine is read by contractors in earthmoving, construction and civil engineering, government employees, commercial builders, project developers, consulting engineers, plant and equipment suppliers, marketers and distributors of equipment and service providers to the industry.

Entertainment Database
This includes high profile business people who run the Australian Television, Radio, File and video Production industries plus all the Technical and Engineering behind the scenes personnel. This database is made up of subscribers to the following publications. Of the 13236 records available 7487 records are personalised.

Encore covers film, television and new media production in Australia. It focuses on major players and projects as well as developments in government policy, financing, technology, exhibitions, pay TV and multimedia distribution. Encore attracts many different types of readers including management, creative, government and technical suppliers to the Australian Film, television and advertising production industries.

Encore Directory includes companies within the film television and video industry in Australia. Broadcast Engineering News is Australia’s leading technology magazine for the TV, radio and recording industries. Its coverage reflects technological and legislative change in areas of duplications, transmission and signal distribution, desktop video and multimedia, video production, professional audio, cable and satellite TV. It provides accurate and independent news and product information for the technical side of operations.

Financial Services Database
This list is drawn from the subscriber files of Super Review magazine and Money Management. Both magazines target the high profile business person. Of the 12524 records available 5566 records are personalised.

Super review is a magazine dedicated to all segments of Australia’s superannuation and investment industry. The readers of Super Review are superannuation fund secretaries, trustees and coordinators, as well as providers of superannuation and investment services.

Money Management is Australia’s only independent newspaper for the retail financial services industry. Readers are financial advisors working in small, medium and larger practices, fund managers, owners/partners, directors, life insurance agents/brokers, financial planners and accounting, legal and share broking professionals.

Health Database
This list consists of subscribers to Pharmacy Trade and Australian Doctor. Each Publication focuses on providing news, issues and updates to industry professionals. Of the 8570 records available 4965 records are personalised.

Pharmacy Trade provides independent news, health, marketing and business information for community pharmacy. It is an invaluable link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and community. The magazine is read by community pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. Australian Doctor is the only medical publication in Australia that tackles all the issues affecting Doctors and is recognized as number one in its field. It provides an essential service by being the vehicle for the pharmaceutical industry to communicate with the medical profession. It is read by GPs, prescribing specialists and senior RMOs.

Manufacturing & Industrial Database
This list provides an excellent base for targeting decision makers in the area of Australia’s industrial market. Of the 60987 records available 41326 records are personalised.

Australian Mining reaches an audience specifically interested in mining equipment and services. It is read by executives who influence the company’s purchases.

Factory Equipment News is Australia’s leading manufacturing industry publication. It provides a concise source of new equipment and new technology information for key buyers and buying influences in manufacturing. FEN is read by those with the greatest buying power, mainly general and technical managers as well as engineers.

Process & Control Engineering covers subjects in control, sensing, instrumentation, process engineering and environmental protection. The subscribers to this publication are engineers, managers and technicians.

Metal Working reaches top decision makers in sheet and plate fabrication as well as in machining and cutting. Readers include metal fabrication contractors and manufacturers in sectors ranging from general jobbing, white goods, air conditioning and lighting to automotive, tool making, aerospace and ship building.

Food processor aims to give food industry decision makers the best information on which to make vital business decisions concerning plant equipment, technology, materials, ingredients, packaging, handling and distribution. Food Processor caters to a specialist audience of production managers, chief chemists and food technologists.

Plantline reports on Australia’s manufacturing industry. It represents the changing face of industry in this country and the way that we interact within it.

Packaging keeps readers informed on business issues and the solutions affecting one of Australia’s most dynamic industries. Two thirds of Packaging’s readers work for manufacturing firms, including food, beverage, confectionary, textiles, cosmetics, and chemicals. Other readers include suppliers of raw material and packaging machinery, converters and package manufacturers

Media Database
Key decision-makers in the advertising, marketing and media industry. This list consists of the following readership databases: B&T Weekly, B&T Yearbook, Australian professional Marketing and advertising agencies across all Reed Magazine titles. Of the 7775 records available 6485 records are personalised.

B&T Weekly is Australia’s only weekly magazine covering the advertising, marketing and media industry. It covers the latest account moves, people moves, marketing initiatives and media trends. It features hard-nosed analysis of this rapidly changing field, coloured with expert opinion from the industry’s top players. B&T is read by key decision makers in marketing and advertising firms, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, media companies and top people in services to advertising, government, TV commercial production and industry associations.

B&T Yearbook provides comprehensive contact information for all major media, advertising and marketing suppliers as well as related industries. It is read by executives of national, regional and local advertising and retailing companies, advertising agency executives and companies servicing the advertising, marketing and media industries.

Australian Professional Marketing is a monthly publication which provides readers with the latest news and developments in the marketing industry. Its coverage includes regular analysis of marketing strategies, latest international trends, the top brands and the people who drive them. The subscribers consist of managing directors, marketing directors, advertising account service, management creative and media and product and brand managers.

Mining Database
Subscribers to Australian Mining Magazine and subscribers across other Reed Business magazines. Of the 6705 records available 3229 records are personalised.

Australian Mining is a leading publication providing the mining and minerals processing industry in Australia relevant information on exploration, extraction, minerals processing, mining technology and mine management. It’s widely read by senior management, supervisors and technical staff at coal and hard rock mining companies around Australia, both on-site and at head office, involved with work ranging from exploration to processing.

Technical Professionals Database
This list consists of senior level managers, engineers and technical professionals who are interested in telecommunications, broadcasting, electronics and computer systems. Of the 30228 records available 21342 records are personalised.

Australian Electronics Engineering concentrates on technology, business & policy trends which affect the electronics industry. Its subscribers are senior technical management & engineers.

Broadcast Engineering News provides accurate and independent news and product information for the technical side of operations in the professional broadcast, video and audio industries.

Electronic News concentrates on in depth product information, application of new technologies and specialist sectors for the electronics industry in Australia.

Travel Database
This list consists of subscribers to Traveltrade, Traveltrade Yearbook, Traveltrade Visaguide and Travel Week. It includes all head office addresses and provides a deduped totally comprehensive guide to the Australian travel industry. Of the 8148 records available 4048 are personalised.

Traveltrade brings to print the latest information affecting the travel and tourist industries from airlines, accommodation, special packages, venues and customer service, Travel Year Book is Australia’s longest established and only comprehensive manual of travel retailers. Traveltrade Visaguide is published annually, it’s Australia’s principal reference guide to essential visa and entry formalities.

Travel Weeks is the travel industry’s news magazine. It provides compact, comprehensive and easy-to-read summary of key developments to travel agents. Travel Week is heavily weighted towards travel sellers and specifiers in retail travel agencies, supplemented by wholesalers and travel specifiers.

A bi-monthly magazine dedicated solely to franchising. Endorsed by the Franchising Council of Australia, Franchising includes useful franchising management tips for both franchisors and franchisees, advertisements for franchise opportunities, reports on franchise systems, the latest industry information and professional advice. Franchising also explains legal and financial issues, and provides case studies in franchising for current franchisees and people looking to go into the area.

Logistics magazine is a monthly magazine aimed at the logistics industry. It is an authorative publication that educates and informs logistics professionals about best practices, news, trends, analysis and new technologies. Logistics direct itself towards professionals across many industries such as CEO’s and directors, supply chain managers and operations managers in transport, warehousing and distribution, retail and manufacturing.

Quantity 220,000
Selections State
Personalised/Non Personalised
Job Function
Magazine Groups
Minimum Order 2,000
Deliverability 95%
Lead Time 5 working days
Notes Job Function;
Owner/Partner, Technical Management, Director, Consultant, Administration, Architect, Production Manager, Builder, CEO, Contractor, Manager, Travel Manager, Director of Nursing, Technical Officer, Chief Engineer, Technician, Engineering Manager, Engineer, Financial Planner/Advisor, Civil Engineer, General Manager, Lecturer, Marketing, Managing Director, Pharmacist, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager, Student.

Mining, Government, Advertising Services, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Electricity & Gas supply, General Construction, Finance, Textile Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Building & Construction, Travel, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical Production Manufacturing, Metal Manufacturing, Electrical Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing, Site Preparation/Earthmoving, Education, Electrical Equipment Wholesale, Liquor Retailing, Pharmaceutical Retailing, Accommodation, Hospitality (cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs), Telecommunication, Superannuation, Services to Finance, Architectural Services, Consulting Engineering Services, Technical Services

Magazine Groups;
Architects Database, Building & Construction Database, Economist.com, Engineering Database, Entertainment Database, Financial Services Database, Health Database, Manufacturing & Industrial Database, Media Database, Mining Database, Technical Professionals Database, Travel Database.

Extra Selection Costs;

Economist.com = $325.00 per 1000 records
Financial Services Database – $395.00 per 1000 records
All Other Magazine Groups = $295.00 per 1000 records

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