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IDG Communications publishes the IT industry’s most respected titles; ComputerWorld and PC World.

ComputerWorld consists of high quality paid subscribers, the majority of whom are in charge of applying Information Technology within their company structure, It’s a weekly publication for systems professionals. These are the people responsible ffor planning, buying and managing information systems and networks, their organisations are responsible for more than 80% of all IT expenditure in Australia. There are approximately 20,000 readers available.

PC World readers comprise business users, professional people, IS and PC Managers and decision makers, and small office and home users. A high percentage are directly involved in the buying decision, and the magazine meets their information requirements by explaining and evaluatiing available technology in relation to business needs and productivity. There are approximately 23,500 readers available.

Quantity 43,500
Selections State
Address Type
Job Function
Admin/General Management
Computer Related Business
Non Computer Related Business
Minimum Order 2,000
Deliverability 95%
Lead Time 5 days processing
Notes Address Type;
Business Address/Home Address

Magazine Topic;
Computerworld, PC World

Job Function;
IT/Computer related
R34 CIO- Chief Information Officer
R06 Project Mgr/MIS/System Admin
R10 Analyst/Programmer
R12 Networking/Lan
R04 Director/Manager/MIS
R07 Systems Software/Analyst Designer
R20 Computer Consultants/Contractors
R91 Other – Computer Related

Admin/General Management;
R01 Chairman/MD/Partner/Owner
R02 Company Secretary/Accountant
R03 General Mgr/Admin
R35 Personnel/Human Resources
R32 Chief Purchasing Officer
R08 Operations/Manufacturing Mgr
R21 Engineering Manager
R25 Sales/Marketing Pr
R26 Educator/Trainer
R27 Lawyer, Doctor etc
R90 Librarian
R92 Other – Non Computer related

Computer Related Businesses;
101 Computer Manufacturer
125 Software/Systems/VARS
116 Computer Consultant
117 Computer Distributor/Wholesale
103 Service Bureau
118 Computer Retailer
115 Other Computer Related

Non Computer Related Businesses;
102 Manufacturers (excl. Computers and Electronics)
104 Public Utilities/Transport/Comms
105 Wholesale/Retail
106 Finanace/Bank/Insurance
107 Agriculture/Environment
108 Business Services
109 Education/Training
110 Federal Government
111 Pub/Printing/PR/Advertising
112 Health/Medical Services
113 Other Professionals (legal)
114 Armed Forces
119 Other Professions
120 Other Non-Computer Related
122 Engineering/Architecture/Cons
123 College/University
124 Elementary/High School
105 Wholesale/Retail
126 Distribution
130 Mining/Oil/Refining
133 Travel/Hospitality/Entertainment
121 Government – State/Local

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We require a signed copy of our list rental agreement and order form prior to any order being processed.

Payment is required on delivery of data unless arranged otherwise. 10% GST applies to all Australian Companies.