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This list is made up of subscribers (both past and current), reader offer purchasers and competitions entrants. They are the primary purchasers of family goods for themselves and their families. Their involvement with Better Homes & Gardens inspires them in their decisions about home decorating, gardening, DIY projects, home maintenance and cooking. In addition they respond highly to competitions and give-aways.

About Better Homes & Gardens readers are made up as follows:
Age; 25-34 = 21%, 35-45 = 54%, 46-55 = 33%, 50+ = 35%.

Family; Married/Defacto = 71%, Children , 16 = 17%, Own/paying of home = 79%

Household Income; $30,000 = 51%, $40,000 = 41%, $50,000 = 32%, $60,000 = 25%

Socio-economic groups; AB = 20%, C = 24%, D = 21%, E = 19%, FG = 17%.

Approximately 65% of current subscribers are personalised.

In addition to current and lapsed subscribers Better Homes & Gardens can also offer reader offer respondee’s. These people have responded to exclusive Better Homes & Gardens offers that appear in every issue of the magazine. The most popular products sold are craft, gardening and homeware products.

Quantity 72,700
Selections State
Active/Lapsed Subscribers
Reader Offer Respondees
Deliverability 95%
Lead Time 5 days
Notes Active/Lapsed Subscribers;
Active subscribers – 43000 records, Lapsed subscribers = 28000 records

Reader Offer Respondees
10000 records

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