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These magazines are targeted at women who are fashion and health conscious. Readers of New Woman and Slimming are independent and focused on their lives and the choices they can make.

New Woman (Current = 2381 readers and Lapsed 0-12 months = 3146 readers);
New Woman is confident, glamorous, informed and likes to serve life up with a large helping of humour. New Woman talks to the reader, not at her and gives opinions from getting a pay rise to rising hemlines.

The New Woman reader is in her late 20’s/ealy 30’s and at a stage where she has more choices than ever. She lives in the city, is on her second or third job and since she earns over the national average, she spends money like it’s going out of fashion. She read New Woman because it knows she has responsibilities and needs information on how to save money, get a promotion and plan a romantic weekend with her partner.

Slimming (Current = 2065 readers and Lapsed 0-12 months = 1448 readers);
Slimming is more than a magazine for people on diets. It’s about a healthy lifestyle, exercising the fun way, eating fabulous tasty foods and broadcasting success stories to other readers.

Readers are health conscious, appearance conscious people who want to know the pros and cons of the latest diet fads. They rely on Slimming for independent, easy to read advice and enjoy its topicality, its mix of easy recipes, success stories and hints for healthier lifestyles. Research shows that they are likely to be women with an average age of 30.

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